Centro Malattie Rare Trento

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Centro Malattie Rare Trento City: Trento Phone : +390461904211

The Centre deals with both pediatric and adult diseases. The staff of the Center consists of a dedicated physician (pediatrician), by two professional nurses, a figure administrative, as well as the coordinator and the head nurse. The working method is mainly marked by the collection of the requests made by the user; the applicant may be represented by either a patient or a rare family that from a health professional (for example, the reference centers or local health districts, but also general practitioners, GPs - paediatricians, PLS) . Each contact with the center is recorded through a computer support, which is a database useful both for the case management both for the extrapolation of the data for statistical purposes. If a request can not be processed by telephone, it is scheduled a meeting with the doctor, who collects the often complex needs expressed by the user. Regardless of the type of request, the user is still following up the investigation.

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