AMEI - Associazione Malattie Epatiche Infantili
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Brescia, BS
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AMEI - Associazione Malattie Epatiche Infantili City: Brescia, BS Phone : +39272021922

AMEI - Association for Infant Hepatic Diseases, recognized as Onlus, was founded in 1986. Founded on the initiative of some parents of patients and doctors of the Pediatric Surgery Department of the Children's Hospital of Brescia, in its many years of activity has always gained more support. 

Entirely based on the voluntary work of women and men who are sensitive to these dramatic problems, AMEI has embodied the aims that its statute provides.The association proposes, among other things, "to promote all initiatives in favor of children with serious liver diseases from the point of view of prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and care". Difficult goals, but that the volunteers pursue stubbornly, knowing that behind every "medical record" there is a little life, which only asks to be able to smile again and to lead a “normal” existence .

AMEI, which operates throughout Italy, is based in Brescia, hosted within the Pediatric Surgery department headed by Professor Daniele Alberti.In fact, the Brescian department is the national reference center for the surgical treatment of pediatric liver diseases, such as biliary atresia, rare pathology, and other numerous biliary diseases (congenital dilatations, calculosis, etc.) benign and malignant tumors, portal hypertension.

AMEI has, over the years, become a safe and solid reference point for families who have to face the dramatic reality of the disease, both in helping to go through the bureaucratic-health process, and in always offering support affectionate and participant.It lives and works thanks to the precious support of his volunteers, to the offers of members, to the pubblic donations or private companies that, sensitive to the aims of the association, intervene concretely to encourage their work.
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