Ama Fuori dal Buio
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Modena, Italy
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Ama Fuori dal Buio City: Modena, Italy Phone : +393477111044

AMA Association Sufferers Autoimmune Orphans and Rare is a collaboration of a group of patients, doctors and researchers working in favor of those who suffer from these orphan diseases and neglected. It has its registered office at the Hospital Policlinico of Modena and with it plans routes information, education and awareness in favor of all categories involved in this health emergency and social welfare. AMA wants to help people with rare diseases to get out of a hopeless condition, from the darkness of isolation and discrimination. Through services and initiatives AMA is responsible for disseminating awareness material, information and guidance; It provides support, study and research on autoimmune diseases, orphan and rare; It promotes and the drafting and publication of texts, publications, newsletters, audiovisual and multimedia material to disseminate information and knowledge; organizes in collaboration with other organizations and institutions, events, conferences, seminars, debates related to the purposes of the association; conducts addressed to high school students to give an educational value, educational and social project OUT OF DARKNESS and to offer an opportunity of meeting and dialogue between school and volunteer; It has created a distribution network of the web through the care of its site but also through the use of social networks for the dissemination of events and the propaganda of the purposes of the shares in favor of the communities involved.
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